Getting started

You need to follow several steps to integrate Sunshine with your automated tests.

Step 1: Make proper project’s structure

Suppose, there is a Maven project with automated tests

├── pom.xml
└── src
   ├── main
   └── test

Usually, the code is located under src/main directory and automated tests under src/test. According to Sunshine’s concept, the code and automated tests have to live together in src/main.

So, please move everything to src/main except unit tests.

Step 2: Add Sunshine library

Based on the xUnit engine you are using, please select an appropriate library and add to your build configuration. Available libraries:


To find out more references, please visit artifacts page.

Step 3: Configure code packaging

The recommended packaging is an uber-JAR - also known as a fat JAR or JAR with dependencies - is a JAR file that contains not only a Java program but embeds its dependencies as well.

How to configure an uber-JAR depends on a build tool is used by a project. But regardless of a way of the configuration, a JAR’s entry point has to be defined.

There are predefined classes to be used as the entry points for each test runner. However, Sunshine was designed to encourage you to create your own configurations based on the project’s requirements. Please visit entry points page to find out more.